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3 Church Family

The sister church connection

Zion, Immanuel, and Trinity Lutheran Churches


The family tree starts with Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church, which was founded on March 17, 1872, by 61 men and 38 women of German background.

Trinity Lutheran Church was founded in 1904, and the cornerstone was laid in 1905 by a few interested members of Zion, the oldest church in the city of Schenectady.

Immanuel Lutheran Church was founded, also off of Zion, sometime around 1907.

While for many years the 3 churches seemed to operate singularly and on their own, these days there's much more of a re-connection with them and a concerted effort to join together for various reasons including some joint services, youth functions, and various community serviced projects.

Around 2019-2020, while Zion was without a Pastor and was then also navigating the Covid-19 pandemic, Pastor Matthew of Immanuel and Pastor Patrick of Trinity were quick to be a major part of keeping Zion spiritually led with their support and efforts.

Pastor Franci Rigobert joined Zion in July 2021, which brought the 3 churches even closer together, working in unison in many areas as mentioned above, and vowing to continue a collaborated 3 Church community between Zion, Immanuel, and Trinity Lutheran Churches.

Pictured below in picture on the left (left to right) is Pastor Patrick Singh of Trinity Lutheran Church, Pastor Matthew Schultz of Immanuel Lutheran Church, and Pastor Francis Rigobert of Zion Lutheran Church at the first Joint 3 Church Advent service at Zion Lutheran on Dec 1st, 2021.

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