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Zion's Cemetery

Awaiting the Resurrection

Zion Lutheran Cemetery is located at 1808 Albany Street (near the Rt.7/Crosstown). The cemetery was founded in 1884 to serve Zion's members and immediate family. The site of the original cemetery was at Becker and Furman Streets, adjacent to the side of the original church. In 1903 the church purchased 8.5 acres of land at the current cemetery on Albany Street. The graves from the Becker and Furman Street cemetery were moved to the new cemetery on Albany St.


The deacon of the cemetery is Joe Masi and he is responsible for its general operation. Full lots can be purchased for $500.00 and lots for the interment of cremains are $200.00. Prices for the actual interment range from $550.00 for a summer interment to $650.00 for a winter interment. Pricing for the interment of cremains is also available as is the pricing for foundations, etc.

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Joe Masi

Deacon of Cemetery Affairs

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