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150th Anniversary 
1872 - 2022

Reflections from our members

Rosemary Blake reflects on Confirmation Class:

"Children have always played a big part in our life at Zion.   Confirmation class has evolved quite a bit in recent years. Historically, the children have had two years of instruction before they affirmed their faith and joined the church as adults. The classes have changed over the years from classroom study and memorization of catechism and Bible verses to being a time when the children can share their thoughts and concerns and have a discussion about what is going on in their lives. They learn how growing in their faith will help them to better handle life situations. One of the highlights of confirmation class is for the children to pick a Bible verse that resonates with them as a class.  They then make a large banner with the verse, the confirmation date, and their names on it. Through the years on Confirmation Sunday, we have displayed these banners in church. It is wonderful to look at these and remind us of our own faith journey as well as of when our children were confirmed. In the past, the confirmands wore robes or dressed up for the service but even now in less formal times they take part in the service for a truly joyous time in the church. Confirmation Sunday usually takes place in May which has always been something to look forward to!"  

Did you know that Zion has a hiking group?
It was started around 2013 or 2014 by Pastor Tietz who was our youth pastor at the time. Twice a month Bruce Heap picks hikes in the area. He lists them and their degree of difficulty with dates, times and locations. The hikers meet on a Saturday or Sunday twice a month and go hiking for the afternoon. They often carpool to the sites.  Bruce then posts pictures on Facebook for all to see. There are always smiling faces to see as they hike the trails.  The usual hikers include Bruce, Ruth and Marie LaBrie, Robin Olander, The Masi’s, the Manning’s, the Pelletier's, the Wang's and others. I have even gone on a few! Anyone can join and there is much fun to be had! The hikers even do an area wide hike on July 5th every year up in Lake George. Please consider joining us for a great time!  See you on the trails!
                                  - Rosemary Blake