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words of exhortation

Idleness can bury a man’s destiny just as borrowing can turn one into a servant. You must avoid them if you desire to live a financially. r.esponsible life



23RD OF APRIL 2023




The arm of God 

The arm of the Lord does great things 

The display of his splendor 

I see all around me 

The stream of life 

That never runs dry 


The arm of the Lord 

The arm of His strength does great things



Romans 12:12

[12]Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.


The power for hope, joy, patience, and faithfulness comes from the Holy Spirit and the sure knowledge of the Gospel. If you rearrange the verse you get a good order for approaching it. Pray faithfully to increase the hope that you have in Christ. Prayer will lead to patience and joy, even when being afflicted.


Almighty God, thanks so much for the grace to see another beautiful day and week. By Your grace, this week I receive grace to prosper in anything I lay my hands upon. Anything I need to know that will make me prosper, reveal them to me now, in the name of Jesus. Favour for total breakthroughs, I receive you now, in the name of Jesus. Father Lord, give me divine direction in life and let my way not get dark before me, whatever I have lost to the kingdom of darkness, restore them for me now, in the name of Jesus. Father, order my step to my place of elevation, and give me grace to live a life of significance, touching lives, taking territories, in the name of Jesus. I shall not lack or beg bread, anointing for signs and wonders, locate me now and change my story to the amazement of my mockers, in the name of Jesus. O Lord, comfort me on every side and let me be at rest, let me receive heavenly ideas to prosper beyond measure, and turn the wisdom of my oppressors to foolishness,  Every one of my blessing in the hand of my enemy, I collect it back now, in the name of Jesus. Generational wealth is my portion. O Lord my father, baptize me today with anointing for exceeding wealth and prosperity. In Jesus Mighty Name I Pray. Amen. SHALOM


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