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Red Letter Challenge

The Three Churches are planning to have the Red Letter Challenge be our joint focus for Lent this year.  We'll be working through our books on a daily basis and each family will be able to decide how deeply into the challenge they are able to go.  Some of us will do the challenge readings and the daily challenges on our own and some of us will choose to discuss the material in weekly small discussion groups. The Red Letter Challenge will help us to find real world answers to the question, "What does it mean to follow Jesus?" and it will help us to make the forty days of Lent a special time of spiritual renewal.   Each Sunday during Lent the sermon will relate to the week's challenge theme so this program will be an integral part of our worship life this year.  We're excited to have this opportunity to grow our faith along with folks from Trinity and Immanuel as well as from many other churches in the Atlantic District this Lent! 

How To Participate

The Red Letter Challenge books have arrived! You may pick up your family's book in the church narthex any Saturday from now until February 13 from 10AM until 11AM -- the same time that communion is also available for pickup. If your family includes children up to the fifth grade, there is a special Red Letter Challenge book for children, too. If you cannot make it to church to pick up your book on one of these three Saturdays, it may also be picked up any time the church is open during the week. And, if you want to participate in the Challenge, but are not able to get to church to pick up your book, please call the office and we will arrange to have your book delivered to you.

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