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150th Anniversary 
1872 - 2022

Fun Facts

Zion Trivia (Part 1)

1. What was the original name of the Church? Note, the name changed in 1941.

2. On what street in Schenectady did the congregation meet in the years 1872 to 1888?

3. Of the three "daughter" congregations, which one was formed first, in 1902?

4. Which of our former pastors had the longest tenure at ion?

5. In what year (1881, 1883 or 1885) did Zion join the Missouri Synod, after withdrawing from the General Synod of the Lutheran Church? 

6. In 1887, how much did the property at 153 Nott Terrace cost the congregation to purchase?

7. The stone used for the foundation of our Nott Terrace building was drawn from a stone quarry on Van Vranken Avenue. It was owned by a founding member who has the same last name as a few current members. What is the last name?

8. Who was the artist who painted the Resurrection scene, in the early 1900's, that still adorns today's altar?

9. How tall (100', 130', 150') is the steeple?

10. Where was the first Zion Lutheran Congregational Cemetery located?



1. Evangelical Lutheran Zion Church of Schenectady

2. Jay Street

3. Immanuel Evangelical Lutheran Church

4. Ernst Carl Ludwig Schultze, 40 years

5. 1881

6. $3,000

7. Dettbarn

8. Jacob Gogolin

9. 120'

10. Furman Street.


Zion Trivia (Part 2)

1. Which pastor accepted the call after the passing of Pastor Schultze in 1918?

2. In 1929, a new organ costing in excess of $17,000 was installed and dedicated. What company manufactured it?

3. Which group (the Junior Walther League, the Altar Guild or the Men's Social Club) was formed first?



1. Otto Carl Busse

2. Skinner Organ Co. of Boston

3. The Men's Social Club, in 1919


Zion Trivia (Part 3)

1. Which Concordia College (Bronxville, Fort Wayne or Seward) did Pastor Busse graduate from?

2. In which branch of the service did Pastor Busse serve in during WWI?

3. In 1941, Pastor Busse requested and was granted a leave of absence from Zion to resume his duties as a chaplain in the US armed forces. At which rank did he re-enter service?

4. How many other members of Zion (75, 100 or 125) would also serve in the military during WWII?



1. Fort Wayne

2. US Army

3. Major

4. 75


Zion Trivia (Part 4)

The 100th anniversary celebration of Zion, held at the Edison Club on November 18th, 1972, had numerous dignitaries in attendance.  Match the name to their respective title/role.


1. Pastor Otto C. Busse

2. Raymond Wojcieszak

3. Dr. Oswald C. J. Hoffman

4. Mrs. Norma Finke

5. Gustave Doepke


a. President of the Congregation

b. Chair of the Banquet Committee

c. Elder and Chair of the Anniversary Committee

d. Guest of Honor

e. Guest Speaker



1. d

2. a

3. e

4. b

5. c


Zion Trivia (Part 5)

1. Pastor Robert Carl Albohm arrived at Zion in 1943 with his wife Marjorie.  How many children, all born in Schenectady, did they have?

2. In what year (1955, 1957 or 1959) did the first Vicar serve at Zion?

3. In what year (1961, 1963 or 1965) did Zion install its first Youth Director?

4. Who served as Interim Pastor, after Pastor Albohm's death and before the arrival of Pastor Wildgrube?

1. Three (Judy, Robert Jr. and Marjorie)
2. 1955 (Darrel Quigley)
3. 1963 (Patsy Ann Smith)
4. Pastor Duane S. Feldman, who at the time was the Lutheran Campus Pastor at SUNY Albany.


Zion Trivia (Part 6)

1. In what city was Pastor Paul Friedrich Gerhardt Wildgrube born?

2. In what year (1974, 1976 or 1978) did Scott Trexler join the Zion staff as the Minister of Music?

3. Who orchestrated the creation of the "Noah's Ark" parade float, featured in the annual Niska-A-Day Parade?

4. Who served as Associate Pastor from 1988 to 1995?


1. New Orleans, LA
2. 1974
3. Jean Wildgrube
4. Pastor Carl A Krueger

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